Omtalt i et internasjonalt nyhetsbrev

Hvem skulle trodd – hvem kunne trodd?

DET ER HÅP FOR ALLE, sier nå jeg og jeg mener det. Utfra egne erfaringer og andres etter hvert.

På side 5 i dette nyhetsbrevet som går ut til mange, mange land i verden har de skrevet noe om lille meg og det arbeidet jeg har gjør. Nå vet og forstår jo alle at jeg har fått god hjelp av mange for å komme dit jeg er i dag. Både på personlig plag og arbeidsmessig. Retretten kan arbeide som den gjør fordi vi er mange dedikerte medarbeidere – lønnet og frivillige. Det er jeg som nevnes, men jeg sender en varm tanke ut til alle som bidrar til at Retretten har blitt hva den har blitt. Ikke minst til alle brukere som bidrar til at Retretten er et godt sted å komme for alle de som kan nyttegjøre seg av den hjelpen vi kan bidra med. Sender også en stor, stor takk til Dr. Michael Smith, som utviklet NADA-protokollen og som tok i mot meg på Lincoln Hospital og lærte meg opp på en slik måte at jeg har kunnet gi kunnskapen videre. Han og flere som representerer den kunnskapen vi har i Retretten, vil holde foredrag på 10 årsjubileet vårt den 6.des.

Jeg vil også takke Scheiblerstiftelsen for at de har hatt tro på meg i 4 år og støttet oss i Retretten i alle disse årene med ANTA-kurset. Det var gledlig i dag å se at 14 av 17 mannlig
kursdeltagere sitter der etter 5 uker.

Det var også veldig hyggelig at Guidepoint nevnte gaven jeg fikk av Morten og Tarand Krogvold. Bildet av Nelson Mandela troner i stua i Retretten.

Les side 5 her:
Guidepoints May_2012

Brief information about the Retretten

What is Retretten:
Retretten (“The Retreat”) is a non-for-profit Foundation that was established by Rita Nilsen in 2002, as a result of her own per¬sonal experiences recovering from many years of substance abuse.

• Retretten is non religious and not political
• Retretten’s primary aim is to help users to help themselves
• Retretten is an open and drug-free day centre for those who are affected to their own or others use of alcohol or drugs
• Retretten works inside prisons, as well as providing additional support to other institutions within the substance abuse
• Everyone working in direct contact with users are former users. All have some expertise/experience with substance abuse, mental disorders and next of
kin issues.
• Retretten is financially funded by both state and private sector.

At Retretten:
…you do not need an appointment
… everything is free
… our assistance is confidential
…you need to be sober when you turn

– We can help you to identify means of support that
is free of charge.

Competence building
– We have courses on how to cope with substance
abuse and addiction disorders (ANTA). These courses
are mainly conducted in separate male and female
groups. In addition to these ordinary courses Retretten
also have personalized courses for institutions
and prisons.

NADA’s acupuncture programme:
– At Retretten you can receive the NADA acupuncture
programme. The Acupuncture Programme is related to the ear and is a standardized Protocol with 5 needles in each ear.

These 5 points are standard points for the treatment of substance misuse and anxiety management. This Protocol is used by personnel within the healthcare sector around the world. The Protocol has been in use for more than 40 years within addiction, psychiatry and criminal care as a supplement to other
basic therapy, but is

Acupuncture relieves:
Physical withdrawal symptoms:
Shivering, sweating, cramps, diarrhoea / constipation, pain, headaches, heart palpitation, nausea/vomiting, sneezing/ snivel, freezing.

Mental withdrawal symptoms:
Anxiety, aggression, irritation, panicking, insomnia, depression, nightmare.

Improved skills:
Positive attitude, relaxation, awareness of own emotions, focusing, motivation, concentration, cooperativeness and more open other treatment.

Shown to decrease craving for:
Alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, sugar, food, caffeine.

Also efficient with respect to Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) such as:
(Occurs approx every 3rd month)
Difficulties in thinking clearly. It is as though the brain is not functioning – it is impossible to concentrate.
Poor memory, everything perceived and understood, but in a short period of time everything forgotten.
Sleep disorders, it is difficult falling asleep, restless sleep, nightmares, night sweating
Emotional overreaction or under reaction, tremendous anger, irritation or sadness, depression.
Physical coordination problems.
Problems with the balance, eyes and hands willnot cooperate, slower reflexes.
Stress sensitive, difficult to distinguish between little and much stress (emotions = stress)

How to contact us:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10 am.- 5 p.m., Wednesday 10 am.-6 p.m. and Sunday 12 a.m.-3 p.m.
Adress: Kristian Augusts gate, 10, 2nd floor – 0164 Oslo
Phone: (+47) 22209393 or cellphone (+47) 90690286

“I needed help to so many things, but I had nowhere to go. Thus I established Retretten.”

In 2002 I Rita Nilsen founded
Retretten (“The Retreat”) in response to the suffering and personal needs I experienced during the early phase of my own rebuilding and recovery from my
subtance abuse.

I had no money to get professional help, no job and no “sober” network. Hence it was tough to start a life free of substance abuse. What I really needed was much help in different areas, but I had no place to go to get such help, support and advice.

I gained much support through my friendship with Petter, a recovered alcoholic. I got further help from a self-help group and some from frequent talks with a Vicar. This together with the medical knowledge I gained from my education became my way out off my substance abuse.

During my acupuncture practice period I understood I was not alone in feeling this inner pain I was carrying with me. Not due to my substance abuse, but as a consequence of the traumas I suffered that meant I took the wrong path early in life. During this period I mainly met children whose parents were substance abusers or mentally ill. These children helped me understand how to better
help those affected.

That is where the initial of Retretten was established and after 2 years it was registered as a Foundation. You or someone you know today can use Retretten as long as you yourself are a substance abuser, or have been convicted or
are next of kin of someone who is.

You are never the less always welcome!

Warm regards
Rita Nilsen
Phone: (+47) 90690286